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In the United States, currently shipping to the continental 48 states.

If you require overnight or two day expedited shipping, send us a note at info@houndpaint.com

First question to ask is, are you in the US? If so, choose local pickup and put a note into the order with your address and information. We ship for free so no sweat off of your back! We will contact you with info on your order and get everything shipped out to you.

VOCs are volatile organic compounds. VOCs are human made chemicals that are produced in manufacturing plants. These are harmful to humans and your pets inside your home. VOC particles have a high vapor pressure and a low water solubility. What does that mean? It means these particles emit harmful gases into the air of your home for you to breathe in. Scary right? But have no fear, our paints and primers have zero VOCs and are very safe and environmentally friendly. We source safe and "green" raw materials to create a premium paint product without sacrificing the health of you or the planet.

No, our carrier is unable to deliver to P.O. Box addresses

We color match most colors that aren't shown on our color palette. If you need a color matched, send us an email at info@houndpaint.com or give us a call and we can color match your color and add it to our color palette so you can come back and order it again next time.

Our spec sheets are located in Shop -> Shop By Finish -> All Finishes under each product.


They are right here below!