Paint Sampling Made Simple

Paint Sampling Made Simple

We've been there, back and forth to the hardware store, wasting chip brushes, and watching sample pots of paint collecting dust on the shelf for years to come.

In comes the peel and stick paint sample...

You may have seen these before. These are adhesive paint samples with a swatch of the color of your choosing. Why are ours different? Well ours are hand painted, with real paint. Many adhesive paint swatches are printed in this industry and not painted, this leaves a lot of room for color error. We take the extra step to hand paint our sample cards (made to order) so there is no second guessing or disappointment when you go to paint your entire room. 

We have partnered with another female founded and run company called SureSwatch for all of your sampling needs. SureSwatch has even included a primer decider in their swatch to help you determine if a primer is needed before you start your paint project. 

Deciding on your color...

Once you have your peel and stick paint swatches in hand, you can place it in any room and move it around your house if you want to. We always recommend sitting with the color for a few days and watching it as the light changes in your home before you make your final selection. 

At the end of the day, if you decide not to paint that room, you can simply remove the paint swatch without leaving a mess behind on your wall and go about your day! Life is too short to repaint a room because you don't like to color. 

Explore our color palette and get everything you need to transform your home from the comfort of your sofa!