Paint Coverage 101: How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Cover?

Paint Coverage 101: How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Cover?

Okay, you finally picked a color, now you need to know how much to buy. Every room is different and will impact ultimately how much paint you need to cover your walls. One gallon of our paint will cover about 450 square feet in a perfect world. 

But here's a few special cases to keep in mind. 

Dramatic Color Changes

Going from a dark to a light color will almost always need an extra coat of paint, even for a paint that is high coverage. And vise versa, going from a light to a dark color is also going to take a few extra coats. Dark colors in something called a "Deep Base". A deep base is a clear version of paint that can achieve really dark and rich colors. These bases do not have opacity enhancing pigments in them to help with coverage, therefore you will need to add multiple coats to get the color you desire. 

Fresh Drywall

Fresh drywall is very porous and will soak up a lot of your paint. Our recommendation, prime your drywall with at least two coats of primer before your proceed with your project. 

Textured Walls

A textured wall usually means more surface area and more crevices to work around. Think popcorn walls, stucco, and brick type surfaces. We recommend accounting for an additional coat to cover up any areas that did not get painted in the first round. 

Calculating How Much Paint to Buy

1. Start by multiplying the width time the height of each wall in your pace. That's your square footage. 

2. Calculate the square footage of every window and door. Deduct that from the overall square footage. 

3. Each coverage amount is for two coats of paint. If you paint one coat and are happy with the coverage, awesome! We recommend two coats for the most professional look. 

Don't wanna do all that math? We get it. Head over to our paint calculator and let us do the work for you. 

Happy painting!