Creating a Functional & Stylish Guest Room Oasis

Creating a Functional & Stylish Guest Room Oasis


What happens when a “mini” guest room refresh turns into a full on room swap and then you decide to participate in the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge?

You get creative with your now smaller, but super cozy, guest bedroom and find a fun way to eek out more storage by using the closet. And of course you turn it into a focal point with paint! 

If I’m being honest though, when we first swapped our guest room into a different, smaller room I regretted it! It felt cramped and like we were punishing our guests. But, like most design decisions I make, once I let it settle, I came to love how cozy and private the room felt. It is now a room truly dedicated to our guests (aka: none of our things stuffed into the spare closet). 

Because the room only has space for a queen bed, two night stands, and a corner chair, I wanted to maximize as much of the space as I could and find creative ways to give guests a dedicated space to work, hang or drop items. 

Enter: the closet. Despite how popular they seem to be, I knew I didn’t want to turn the entire closet into an office / desk. After all, guests might want a space to hang clothes! I latched onto the idea of turning the closet into a little oasis complete with a soothing but impactful paint color, art and including a smaller desk in there - functional, simple, pretty. 

After giving my partner Sean some direction, he came back with a few designs. We decided on a sleek, super functional fold-out desk - it folds up to work and folds down completely and out of the way if the full function of the closet is needed.

Sean, a furniture maker and artist, crafted our custom desk out of cherry, finished with Rubio Monocoat Pure, and it has a lovely “click” to know the desk is secure and in place when you fold it up. 

We painted the entire interior of the closet - walls, ceiling, and trim - Sage My Name by Hound Paint Co., a woman-owned Richmond, VA paint company (local to us which is also cool!) - and it was the perfect compliment to bringing this guest room vision to life! It rolled on incredibly thick and luscious (no seriously, it’s a dream). Two coats and we were done. Hound offers amazing stick + peel samples, but since we like to live life on the edge, we went all in on Sage My Name, one of their most popular colors, and it’s perfect. 

To finish the space, I hung art inspired by our love of traveling and the outdoors, wooden hangers, soft towels, and now this formerly underutilized, bland closet feels like an integrated, high functioning part of the guest bedroom. 



Blog Written By: Sydney Bass and Sean Williams


Paint: Sage my Name by Hound Paint Co.

Towels: Parachute Home

Hangers: Ikea

Picture frame: Amazon

Print: An old National Parks calendar 

Desk: handcrafted by Sean at @seanthomasw